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About Us

ABL Advisory and ABL Marketing provide expert advice and all matters relating to Trade Receivables and B2B Lending to SME’s.

The principal advisor, Barry Rogers, has worked in SME Lending all his working life - in banks, factoring companies and the top advisory firm PwC. Barry’s experience extends to many geographies – Russia, Eastern Europe, UK, EU, Turkey and CIS Countries. We have, for example, established new factoring businesses for clients in these markets.

We have advised many banks in the above markets including EBRD Bank* and the Croatian Government.

We are approved consultants to EBRD Trade Facilitation program. Additionally, we have clients in the Asset Management and Family Offices sectors where we advise on investing in the asset class of trade receivables and we sit on some of their Credit Committees.

Our Marketing Services help you increase your origination and new business through leveraging both our expertise and our huge contact database.

* EBRD is the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and is owned by all 27 Member States of EU.

Our Services to Financial Institutions

Our Advisory & Marketing services are provided to clients in UK and Internationally – we work in many different markets/countries. We appraise your requirements in a free initial meeting, make an assessment on how we can help and provide a detailed scoping proposal and agree its implementation according to your time frame. Our core services are given below. We are specialists at setting up new Trade Finance/Invoice Finance/Factoring businesses – from start to finish – from nothing (just an idea) to ready to trade.

Risk Management

We fully appraise your risk management capabilities – credit risk, operational risk, liquidity risk, staff risk, KYC/AML/PEP.

Operational Processes & Procedures

Policies and Procedures covering every aspect of your business are essential for efficient and productive operational management…

IT Systems Selection

Choosing the wrong IT operational software is a disaster – it will severely restrict the growth of your business or even cause it’s failure. We will produce a “GAP Analysis” – this will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing software or the software you want to buy…

Credit & Risk Policy

These policies are critical to achieve profits and avoid losses – minimize fraud and manage and mitigate risk – we will produce these two documents according to your risk appetite and local market conditions.

Debt Financing

We assist all our clients to raise Debt Financing to fund their clients and growth …provided our client has used our advisory services in the past or intends to do so in next two months.

Advice to investors buying invoices

Are you an Investor, Hedge Fund or Family office…? We provide advice and manage your investments into Invoices purchased from Invoice Platforms. We can also help deploy your funds and increase AUM.

Marketing Services

We have a huge contact data base of Commercial Finance Brokers, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds, Private Debt Funds and Equity Investors. Why not leverage these and agree a marketing campaign to increase your origination/new business – it works.


A “Go to Market” strategy is essential; this includes detailed market research of your competitors, how your proposition “sits” in the market place, what are it’s USP’s, what differentiates you, who is your Client? Where and how will you get business and maximise origination opportunities, collaboration with partners.

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Advisory: [email protected]

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Marketing: [email protected]

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