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Welcome to ABL Advisory, we have over 35 years of Trade Receivables experience.

12 June 2024



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Expert Trade Receivables Advisory

With over 35 years of experience, we’ll ensure
you always get the best guidance.

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Supply Chain Finance

We advise on the best methodology

Trade & Invoice Finance

We provide a turn key solution for new entrants

Trade Receivables

THE Best Asset Class! – Self liquidating; high yields/returns, highly liquid, very low default risk …we advise you where and how to buy and invest in Trade Receivables

Supply Chain Finance

Both Seller and Buyer driven SCF facilities are increasing becoming THE best way to fund buyer and seller programs – often have “Off Balance Sheet” benefits. Buyer “Payables” facilities (SCF/Reverse Factoring) can provide the buyer with a powerful “cash advantage” enabling better buying prices among many other features and benefits. Contact us for how to set up such a SCF program or facility for your business.

Trade & Invoice Finance

You want to set up a new Trade and/or Invoice Finance business? – look no further – we provide a “turn-key” solution to create a model business that fits exactly what you want. There are many variables as you will know. We discuss, strategise, produce the Business Plan, Business Requirements Document, Processes & Procedures, Policies, IT application selection and more.

What we Offer

ABL Advisory is a well established advisory firm providing advice on Trade Receivables, Supply Chain Finance, Working Capital Solutions, Trade Finance, Invoice Finance, Invoice Trading Platforms and SME Credit & Risk Management
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About Us

We have over 35 years of experience providing expert advice on all working capital solutions. Today’s technology demands digitalisation which is the “be all and end all” of how to successfully deploy huge sums into Trade Receivables. In the past it took a day or days to determine if the obligor and the seller are suitable risk it takes less than one minute – provided the input of correct information is to hand. Big Data does the rest. This makes any lender/funder or bank super efficient; it increases productivity and reduces pricing.

ABL Advisory is at the forefront of technology in Trade & invoice Finance, Trade Receivables Financing and Investment Solutions in this asset class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does ABL do?

We have more than 35 years’ experience in financing the asset class of Trade Receivables (Invoices); we provide advice to Investment Firms, Asset Managers, Private Debt Funds, Banks and Trade & Invoice Finance companies on how to safely finance Trade Receivables.

Can you help us lay down the infrastructure to finance Trade Receivables?

Yes. This is one of our core activities. We write all policies, processes, procedures, select the best IT applications and also become a permanent member of your Credit Committee if you need this.

Can you help us develop Sales Channels and attract Investors?

Yes. This is also a core activity for us. We advise on Sales Channels and work to develop these with you. We have a few thousand business introducers and Investors on our data base that we have accumulated over the last 35 years. We can help build your brand and increase origination.

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